The coolest startup event with the warmest spirit


What’s the scariest stage you’ve ever been on? It’s time to defeat all of your fears and break the ice to reach new heights! We offer you a chance to prove you’ll do everything it takes to succeed, and we’ll make sure everyone knows about it. The media, investors and all of your new best friends.

 Polar Bear Pitching is an ice-breaking event offering startups literally the coolest possible stage for pitching; a hole cut through the ice in the frozen Baltic Sea. Included in Polar Bear Pitching are world class workshops and talks that will inspire you to aim even higher. Join us and get ready to meet investors, media, and entrepreneurial superstars.

Welcome - we promise we won’t leave you cold!



The challenge has brought our team closer, and our product and brand has become well known. Was taking up the challenge worth it? Absolutely, without a doubt!
— Niina Palmu, Laturi Corporation, Winner 2014

As a finalist At Polar Bear Pitching, you will feel like you are part of the team, you will sense the warm vibes from the organizers, harmless banter with other finalists and mental support from local enthusiastic volunteers. You will discover stories that won’t leave anybody cold and have an opportunity to listen to the key players in a startup world. But do you know what is the best part about PBP? You do not have to be a finalist to enjoy all these great things. During these days whole Oulu beats in the same rhythm and offers a wide range of events.
— Siim Saat, SATU Laboratory

Polar BEar Pitching Founders