Polar Bear Pitching

Polar Bear Pitching is very much a community effort. It is a joint venture of the Oulu entrepreneurial ecosystem. The main drivers behind the event are Polar Bear Pitching non-profit organization, the University of Oulu, the city of Oulu, the Business Kitchen and other organizations, entrepreneurs and volunteers of the community.

Polar Bear Pitching’s mission is to create snowballs for success and strip down the barriers that block development and growth. It values:

  • Perseverance - Sisu - in pushing forward when going gets tough.
  • Bravery - in stepping out of the comfort zone and aiming high.
  • Playfulness - to remind that to be taken seriously one doesn’t need to be serious.

It embraces positive uniqueness and pursues honesty to self and others in all dealings.

(c) City of Oulu

(c) City of Oulu

Oulu, Finland

Oulu is a hub for world-class research and product development, and the University of Oulu has a proven track record in scalable innovations in the fields of wireless communications (e.g. GSM and KNL Networks), wearable technology (ŌURA wellness ring), disruptive geomagnetic indoor positioning system (Indoor Atlas), and AI-powered video analysis (Valossa). The development of new products is agile in the intersection of different sectors, such as information and communications, nanotechnology, cleantech, life sciences and creative industries.

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