How pure arctic nature was brought to the ice hole

Nordic herb business Arctic Warriors attended to Polar Bear Pitching 2016. Tuija Kauppinen, Sales and Marketing Manager from Arctic Warriors had great time with their team on the event days!

As far as wild and grazy ideas are concerned, we at Arctic Warriors are in! That’s why we found ourselves at the Polar Bear Pitching 2016.
As our business is to turn Lappish herbs into tasty and healthy products, we were a bit worried we would be “weirdos” amongst all the tech companies. How wrong we were!
Already the application process was great fun! We shot in several locations in Lapland in freezing temperatures which was well worth the effort as we got selected!
 Tuija from Arctic Warriors pitching from the ice hole

Tuija from Arctic Warriors pitching from the ice hole

The warm-up event was great fun and a natural way to forget titles and to get to know each other. Of course it was nice to win to race, too!
As far as the more serious program goes, the workshop held by Jennifer Hicks, journalist at Forbes, was one of the best I’ve ever been to. Highly professional talk with real life examples and onsite coaching on how to pitch international media was straight to the point.
And then came the pitch in the icy water. Balancing between horror and humor, I chose the last one and decided to enjoy the crowd, jury, cameras and blowing wind. Enjoyed it so much I forgot the icy water altogether! It as was an experience I will never forget. Jennifer Hicks thanking me for excellent pitch was an icing to the cake!
A nice spin off after the event was to give a comment to Businessweek Magazine on my experience in pitching in an ice hole.
I can nothing but warmly recommend this cool event!
-Tuija Kauppinen, Arctic Warriors