Oulu-based company takes Polar Bear Pitching seriously - hired a world champion in winter swimming

This year Polar Bear Pitch competition is searching even bigger visibility around the world. So is Oulu-based company QuietOn who is putting lots of effort on global visibility. The company who invented active noise canceling earplugs has now decided to take part in home town’s own show Polar Bear Pitch, and Dark Bear semifinals. QuietOn is making it properly: They have hired a world championship owner of winter swimming, Salla Lamminpää. Well, in real life Salla who is competing in 25m and 50m series is also managing QuietOn’s customer service and logistics process.

-It’s fun that I can introduce my talents so versatile ways at work. I’ll try to present values of our company, tell about QuietOn’s new sales channels and open our internationalization strategy. Ice swimming and the earplugs that create silence are a good match. Wellbeing and peacefulness are common for them, thinks perky Salla.

-We will compete seriously and Salla is our silver bullet! I don’t think anyone else in our team is in ice hole shape for success, laughs QuietOn’s Founder Janne Kyllönen.

-I need to say that my winter swimming distances are quite short so this is fair for the other competitors too. Let’s see how much I’m able to chat about QuietOn’s benefits before I freeze out, smiles Salla who usually dips in an ice hole many times a week.