5 Reasons to Attend PITCH or FREEZE!

Polar Bear Pitching has garnered international fame with our unique concept: a pitching competition where the startups pitch from an ice hole. And now the Oulu-born event arrives in Pori!

Here are five good reasons to attend our event:

1. The event is all about entrepreneurship and what it takes to shift attitudes towards a startup friendly atmosphere. Some of our speakers are Asmo Saloranta, the man behind ASMO Charger, Josefiina Kotilainen, CFO at Slush, and Jyri Lindén, co-founder at Nordic Business Forum.

2. A Suomi100 campaign, Lämmitystalkoot, will be joining us to talk about challenges the current public discussion culture, polarized and full of hate speech, entail, and how to turn those challenges into possibilities. A handful of influencers will also jump in the cold water to make warm promises for a better future for Finland.


3. What would a Polar Bear Pitching event be without our trademark pitching competition! Come and witness the maddest and most interesting pitching event of them all: passionate startup entrepreneurs going all-in and pitching their ideas standing in ice cold water! The participants might be shivering, but our prestigious jury won't leave you cold: the startups will be judged by Bruce Oreck, Hjallis Harkimo, and Jorma Terentjeff.


4. A must-see attraction, our mascot J-Bear, – possibly the only polar bear to actually ever walk on the streets of any Finnish city – will, of course, attend the event. Now, this is an encounter surely worth a selfie, don't you think?


5. The "ice hole" is open for everyone. Dare to jump in, or do you have cold feet?

Polar Bear Pitching event will be live on the Aika stage on Friday, 14th of July, 10 AM – 3 PM. See you there!