SuomiAreena - A Brief Recap

 The compulsory team selfie (a teamie?) in location.

The compulsory team selfie (a teamie?) in location.

A while back we took our renowned Polar Bear Pitching concept and headed to SuomiAreena in Pori. On Friday, 14th of July, eight brave startups took the plunge and pitched their products from the tub filled with ice cold water. Their business ideas and products were judged by seasoned veterans Bruce Oreck, Hjallis Harkimo, and Jorma Terentjeff. Here’s a recap in case you missed the event.


1. Satu Laboratory produces an alternative to wet wipes: a gel you can apply on regular toilet paper. Their solution is gentler to the sensitive bottom skin than dry paper and completely environmentally friendly.

2. Exiops presented Kipuwex, an IoT device that measures pain level wirelessly. Kipuwex makes it possible to determine painkiller efficiency on babies, helping doctors more accurately assess the right dosage.

3. Envirate is an app for users to rate their environment, producing a real-time heatmap of environmental quality with the data of changes. This data can then be used by individuals, businesses, NGOs, and policymakers alike.

4. Diske pitched their healthcare app that utilizes big data to create a virtual model of your health.

5. Jalla introduced Jalla Board, a locally handcrafted longboard. Jalla’s vision is to provide talents an opportunity to get their products out there.

6. Noccela provides retailers with an improved way to track products, to both catch shoplifters more efficiently as well as acquire data of customer behaviour.

7. Psyon Games, the team behind the game Trump Vs Science, pitched their new project Antidote, an educational game designed to counter misinformation with science in an engaging way.

8. Skyler is a project-based learning platform for students and teachers, encouraging students to take responsibility of their studies and giving teachers better tools for progress assessment.


What did we have in store for the team with the best pitch?

- A custom polar bear necklace by YO ZEN Design

- Ticket to next year’s Polar Bear Pitching, travel costs and accommodation included

- Weekend getaway in a cabin at Iso-Syöte, at the top of the fell


After careful consideration, the judges decided on not one but TWO winners. The best pitches were… drumroll, please: Kipuwex by Exiops and Noccela!

Congratulations to both teams!