People Behind the Red Beanies - Volunteer Manager Udgum

Udgum Khadka, more familiarly Udgi, is a guy from Nepal, and currently working as a volunteer manager at Polar Bear Pitching. He is the one who interviews the volunteers, keeps them updated of ongoing things and is in close touch with the team leaders. His work includes mostly human resources related issues. Besides upgrading his professional skills in the row of red beanies, he works at  TellUs Innovation Arena at Oulu University and studies Masters in International Business Management in Oulu Business School.

 Udgum Khadka works and studies at Oulu University ©Udgum Khadka

Udgum Khadka works and studies at Oulu University ©Udgum Khadka

Why he volunteered?

Udgi was helping in 2017 event and he wanted to contribute more for the next year’s event. He clarifies reasons behind his decision:“I joined Polar Bear Pitching 2017 because it is one of the biggest entrepreneurial events conducted by students in Northern Finland. Since I watched the 2015 event from the records, I wished to be a part of it. To me, it means being simultaneously a part of Oulu’s entrepreneurial movement and development. I am so proud to be a part of it. “ Volunteering is a great chance to get in to the viable community of Oulu’s entrepreneurs and other contributors.

What to get out of it?

Being a volunteer in Polar Bear Pitching means a lot more than just contributing the event. Udgi as a wise man knows the benefit he got out of it. ”More than anything tangible, I got to observe the manifestation of passion and value-driven effort”, Udgi explains. “It was truly an inspiration to witness and be a part of the result of such effort. A marvellous event impacting and inspiring so many lives”, he continues. Polar Bear Pitching is a proven how lives can be changed and new opportunities created with effort of students.

Why to take part?

Udgi volunteered to be part of Oulu’s entrepreneurship community, but would he recommend taking part for someone else? “Totally, I would recommend everyone to become a part of it and see how collaborative team work of young minds can result in an extraordinary event”, he answers. But why would he recommend taking part? “Everyone has their own reason. I would invite everyone to be part of it and find their own reason”, Udgi continues.

 Udgi, the warm hearted beast behind the red beanie! ©Udgum Khadka 

Udgi, the warm hearted beast behind the red beanie! ©Udgum Khadka 

In the core of the reasons

Polar Bear Pitching is much more than just a pitching event. It is combination of values aiming to have a positive impact on startup scene, the whole Oulu and to give opportunities to students. Udgi knows the words to describe the core of the event: “Polar Bear Pitching is more than a person’s, a group’s or an organisation’s effort. It brings the community together.”

So this is Udgum, the Nepalese guy behind the red beanie, and the one who takes care of our great volunteers. If you have anything to ask him related to volunteer recruitment, his tasks or just to get to know him better, throw him a message in Facebook or email him