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  • Areena Oulu 16 Tyrnäväntie Oulu, 90400 Finland (map)

Roger Osorio

Learning strategist, executive coach at IBM, speaker, global facilitator for Techstars Startup Weekend.

4 Steps for Taking Any Idea from Concept to Creation. Ideas are cheap, execution is the real challenge. Taking that idea from concept to creation is where most people fail and for the wrong reasons. In this talk, you will learn the 4 critical steps for taking any idea from concept to creation and how you can begin to practice it right away.

Ideas are cheap and mostly worthless without effective execution.  Ideas come in many shapes and forms. Perhaps you have already witnessed an idea you had years ago become a business by someone else.  The difference between those who have built their ideas and those who only have the ideas is a process for execution. People have ideas for businesses, projects, work, school, the arts, relationships, etc.  However, executing the development of an idea, that is, taking it from a concept to a creation is where the challenge lies. Taking any idea from concept to creation requires learning and practicing an effective process. Whether you want to learn how to start a business or how to execute ideas in your school or work, in this 30-minute talk you will learn about the 4 critical steps necessary to take any idea from concept to creation.