If entrepreneurs succeed in giving a pitch in freezing cold water, they will succeed anywhere!

Polar Bear Pitching is a unique way to discover the frontiers of innovation and learn about cutting edge technologies. It takes you on an unforgettable journey below the surface and offers up-close and personal views on passionate, brave, and persevering game changers of the future.

We are looking for investors to join Polar Bear Pitching 2018 - an arctic adventure that won't leave you cold! If you wish to experience the Arctic more fully, we will create a special program for you and offer you an access to the startups of your choice. Also, we have heated saunas and hot tubs for your convenience. 


About Oulu

Oulu is known for its IT and tech scene and thus the place to be for technology and IT startups in Finland. Itโ€™s a home to many fast-growing startups like KNL Networks, Valossa, Oura and Asmo Solutions. And many more are coming!


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