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Polar Bear Pitching is different, it is unique and somewhat crazy. All the things you need for an engaging and catching story. Meet entrepreneurs and influencers in a warm and friendly environment. At Polar Bear Pitching you get the chance to meet founders of the next unicorns as they are stepping out of their comfort zones. You get the latest news and stories about the most valuable startups and still have a chance to experience Finland at its best.

The media program is designed to give you a personal experience of what it means to be an entrepreneur and of what Finland is truly all about. This is your very personal note to the story you can share with the world.

Signing up for the event will give you access to the specially designed media program in which you will not only meet startups, investors and fellow writers from all over the world, you will also experience Finland as you have never seen before.

Media accreditation for Polar Bear Pitching 2019 is now open:

Media Program

Our media program is for you - our media partners, to experience and explore Finland from a side you have never seen it before. This program delivers the content, the feelings and the body for your own story. We will announce a more detailed program shortly.

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Media Kit

You need pictures to underline your story or just to picture your writing? We have a bunch of them available for you. Should you need special material we don't offer in one of our galleries, please get in touch with us and we get back to you immediately.