Would you dare to do it?

Polar Bear Pitching is your chance to make the world talk about you. It is an event organized for startups, investors and the media. People connect with each other at Polar Bear Pitching, but its true value is the exposure and the unique experience you get through participating.

At Polar Bear Pitching, you pitch while standing in an ice hole carved in the frozen Baltic Sea. This bizarre experience will surely force you to get outside your comfort zone and definitely attract attention of international investors  and media, with whom you will be able to meet face-to-face.

Pitching from an ice hole was not only a confident booster for our team and me but also a major reason why several investors backed us. Adding the Polar Bear Pitching video onto our equity crowdfunding campaign helped us close £0.5m in funding which was more than 3x of our original target. We as founders are ready to do anything that’s required to see our baby succeed, and Polar Bear Pitching is one unique opportunity globally to demonstrate your determination, passion, and of course courage.
— Ruzbeh Bacha – cityFALCON

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