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Arto Oinonen & Teemu Kurki, OP

Arto Oinonen - APIs and software integrations since 2004. Developer champion, Digital Ecosystems, and Innovations at OP Financial Group

Teemu Kurki - creator of OP JS SDK. Developer, Digital Ecosystems, and Innovations at OP Financial Group.

Best things come from collaboration - OP APIs. The revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) has created a buzz as Banks open up the APIs for payment services. We at OP are looking beyond that. We are much more than a bank and we can achieve much more by opening up our APIs in our many different fields of business. In the near future, we’ll be offering unique possibilities for developers and our corporate partners.

Come to our workshop to use OP APIs through sandbox environment, where we first publish OP APIs and get feedback. In this workshop, you will create new apps with our brand new JS SDK top of our sandbox environment. You will need to have JS development tools available on your own machine. Git client, NPM/node.js environment.

You can go and register prior workshop to our site  to check out our documentation and APIs.